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Network IP CCTV is an independent consultancy led by an experienced professional and group of partners and affiliates specialising in network ip cctv hardware and software from manufacture to integration and deployment. This collection of knowledge and experience alows our clients to benefit by saving money and making informed decisions for better productivity and and ROI.

About Us

What do we do? in simple terms, networkipcctv can help you make the right decisions to save money & increase performance, provide technical support and training, liaise with suppliers & employees in order to complete projects. We also provide business development services.


Why choose us? our team have specialised knowledge in ip cctv products attracting multiple awards as well as being published in International publications and television. We have built key industry knowledge and relationships to help deliver consistent results to our customers.

CCTV Case Studies

CCTV Case Studies; our services are available to end clients, system integrators and 'cctv' manufacturers around the world delivering high end services to meet demanding schedules and technical proposals.




Media | TV | News (PR): Our leading member is a regular contributor in public media and has appeared on national television as a security advisor on Sky news and contributed to material for Channel 5 news and Middle Eastern news channels. Additional contributions and appearances include publications from The Sunday Times, Chronicle, Retail News, Bapco Journal, Defence International and public speaking at industry events.


Doha Airport (System Design): The CAA in Doha required surveillance of the airport runway and remote areas of the airfield in order to monitor site traffic and act as a secondary security control beyond current perimeters. A Network Video Recorder was installed at air traffic control. The NVR was highly specified to provide monitoring of up to 30 cameras with multi camera playback capability. The NVR was customised to accommodate the customers own choice of software demonstrating the capability of the specified hardware to operate with third party hardware & software. The packaged IP CCTV system offered the customer a single source to procure all the equipment required not normally found with most manufacturers who tend to only provide one component of a surveillance system. The robust multi-platform recorder allowed the customer to tailor the system to their needs as well as discover how existing ‘off the shelf’ products met their needs while reducing costs.


FAT FAMILIES (TV Series): A production company recording a reality show about health issues required a surveillance system to help produce the show by allowing production staff to view live footage of participants as well as archive video for later broadcast. A simple network CCTV system was implemented in each contestants home and video was securely shared with the production team. Our impartial advice allowed the client to implement a solution to their needs in a short time with only a small budget.


BiKal IP CCTV (Business Development): Our business development & PR services helped this new security company grow from startup to major market contender in under 2 years and helped shape the product & marketing strategy leading to 2 industry awards from 'Best Residential Security Product Europe 2009' & 'Customer Value Enhancement Award 2010). Our industry contacts and vendors worked alongside us to help the company's website rank number 1 on Google for it's chosen keywords as well as dominating all major search engine rankings for many of its products allowing the business to realise it's profit potential. In addition, several TV and newspaper appearances were secured helping propel the business into the market place.


First Auto Networking Camera in Europe (Sourcing/R&D): When tasked with helping source new product lines for a new business, we were able to lend our expertise and help our client spot opportunities in the market and work towards researching, identifying and sourcing products to fulfill these gaps in the market. We identified the main problem consumers experienced when connecting remote cctv devices to the Internet for remote viewing which was the concept of ip addresses and port forwarding which complicates the installation of ip cameras for end users. We were able to source the first product in the world, the Candy Bar Cam which removed the complicated process of viewing cameras over the Internet and replacing the whole process with just a simple user id & pin system, even without using an ip address or applying port forwarding at the broadcasting site. The product was well received by the market winning an industry award and we sucessfully participated in positioning the product on High Street shelves and leading online retailers.


Software Design - designing the fastest growing cctv software


NVR - building super surveillance computers.



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