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Our IP CCTV Consulting services provide end clients, system integrators and private to government organizations a set of tools designed to aid decision makers, technical engineers and project managers to make the right decision when procuring, planning and deploying CCTV surveillance systems. Our services can support our clients from concept to maintaining delivered projects delivering clear benefits.

Consultancy Services

CCTV Consultancy services include the provision of independent 'consulting', advice and sharing of resources for activities such as:


bullet Preparing Tenders
bullet System Design
bullet Project Management
bullet System Commissioning
bullet CCTV Compliance
bullet Cost Analysis & Comparison
bullet Expert Witness
bullet PR & Marketing
bullet Product Testing
bullet Product Sourcing
bullet Offshore Development
bullet Technical Advice
bullet Business Development
bullet CCTV Training & Support

Why Us

Our Consulting Team have many years experience in network cctv products and solutions adopting the technology early and pioneering their way in the industry to establish themselves as knowledgeable professionals.


We have appeared on national and International media and worked with global brands and organizations to government & local authorities. Some key achievements include:


bullet Appearances on International TV
bullet Product Placements in Newspapers
bullet Published in International Magazines
bullet Multiple Awards from Industry Panelists
bullet Read more about us, click below


More Case Studies


Consultancy benefits


The benefits of our consultancy services are simple:


[A] Save Money

[B] Save Time

[C] Increase ROI

[D] Informed Decisions


We have seen many tenders in the past that cost too much and delivers too little performance. Let us help you make the right decision. Services are available in regions across the world.


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