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We have helped research and design innovative IP CCTV products such as ip cameras, network video recorders to 'NVR' software including intelligent video analytics. We have been successful in bringing new technology to the market place from auto networking ip cameras to the first nvr software to utilise parallel processing technology helping our clients become market leading suppliers of IP CCTV products.

Network CCTV

We have assisted clients source award winning products as well as co-develop and co-ordinate the production of new equipment with innovative technologies.


bullet Network Cameras
bullet Network Video Recorders
bullet NVR Software
bullet Video Analytics


Many of the products and services we have designed have been used by professional organisations from airports, sporting events, government, military, television and more.


IP CCTV Products

View some of the products we have exclusively designed. Each website below is owned by ourselves with online shopping facilities at trade prices not found elsewhere:


bullet IP CCTV Systems - pre-made packages
bullet IP Cameras - network cameras only
bullet Network Video Recorders - just NVR's
bullet IP CCTV Software - ip camera / nvr software
bullet Cloud CCTV - cloud ip cctv hosting
bullet Video Analytics - intelligent analytics / alarm



case studies


IP Cam - first auto networking camera in Europe

Software Design - designing the fastest growing cctv software

NVR - building super surveillance computers.


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