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Our network CCTV training services are designed to help installers, end users and owners of specific brands of IP CCTV equipment to get hands on training in how to install network CCTV equipment, manage networks and bandwidth, commission ip cctv systems and troubleshoot common problems. Our training not only provides technical knowledge but also how to use that knowledge when promoting your services.

CCTV Training

Network IP CCTV Training. We can train most groups or individuals via online seminars, onsite training, written guides or one of our periodic workshops. We can even write training manuals for current or future requirements.



bullet Training for Installers
bullet Training for End Users
bullet Training for Operators
bullet Online & On-Site Training



Some of our FREE training videos are available on You Tube. See Port Forwarding video here:

Training Services

Training; Our training courses are aimed at cctv installers, system integrators, system specifiers and third party consultants, facility managers, cctv operators, network administrators and end users from home to office users. We cover a range of topics that can be delivered online or in person. Each module is available as a single training session or as part as a whole programme.


bullet Network Basics - Covering planning, ip addresses, port forwarding, security.
bullet Bandwidth Management - planning, efficiency, reducing bandwidth, local & remote
bullet Remote CCTV - managing video in remote locations, devices, methods
bullet IP Cameras - choosing the right camera, video codec, resolution, lighting
bullet IP Recorders - requirements, setup, deployment, which NVR
bullet BiKal EyeSoft Training - setup & use eyesoft, specific modules, analytics


Contact us to to arrange a training session or bookmark this page for updated information on upcoming seminars or workshops.



CCTV Training

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